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Battlefield 4™ - Premium Pack DLC

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Platform: Origin / EA App
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The main game Battlefield 4 is required to play.

Expand your options with a Battlefield 4 Premium membership. Get an edge in battle with two weeks' early access to all five expansions and keep the action going all year round with new content added weekly and 12 additional Battlepacks.

Get into battle faster with a prioritised position in server queues and take part in premium events.

Personalise your Battlefield 4 experience with exclusive camouflages, paint jobs, emblems, dog tags and more.


    China Rising DLC

    FOUR NEW MAPS - Take the fight east and dominate on four exotic, all-new multiplayer maps: Silk Road, Altai, Guilin Peak and Dragon Pass.

    AIR SUPREMACY - Hop in your jet or helicopter and dominate the aerial battles in the "Air Superiority" game mode, where two teams battle for control of the skies.
    NEW VEHICLES - The popular dirt bike makes a triumphant return in China Rising, and the new bomber allows you to cause massive destruction from above.

    Second Assault DLC
    FOUR OF THE MOST POPULAR MAPS - Destroy the ceilings of the flooded "Operation Métro". Bring down the radio tower on the new "Caspian Frontier". Take care of the fire hazard on "Operation Firestorm" and escape the sandstorm on "Gulf of Oman". Second Assault gets everything out of these popular maps.

    NEW AND TRUSTED - With five new weapons reworked for Battlefield 4, the return of the beach buggy, ten new missions and the Capture the Flag game mode, Second Assault combines familiar areas with brand new features.
    CASPIAN BORDER REVIEW - The Caspian Border map is a true Battlefield classic, reimagined in Second Assault with Frostbite 3 graphics, Levolution moments and a stunning autumn scenario.

    Naval Strike DLC

    FOUR NEW MAPS - All maps are set on island chains in the South China Sea: Operation Mortar, Nashar Assault, Forgotten Islands and Breakwater.
    EASTER EGG - A giant Easter Egg in the shape of a Megalon shark.

    A NEW GAME MODE - the Carrier Assault game mode, modelled on the Titan mode in Battlefield 2142.
    NEW PILLOW VEHICLE - The amphibious hovercrafts are fast on land and therefore ideal for quick taxi rides between two islands.

    SOME ADDITIONAL WEAPONS - six fresh knives (R160 assault rifle, AWS machine gun, SR-2 PDW, SR338 sniper rifle, SW40 pistol, M320 3GL grenade launcher), an air defence mine, an automatic, placeable air defence missile launcher.

    Dragon's Teeth DLC

    FOUR NEW MAPS - Sunken Dragon, Lumphini Garden, Propaganda and Pearl Market.

    A NEW GAME MODE - the Link game mode: The new Link game mode is a successful variation on Conquest. Both teams fight for possession of flag points that are connected by a line. The opposing team only loses tickets if we hold several connected points.

    SOME NEW WEAPONS AND GADGETS - the Unica 6 and Desert Eagle pistols, the CS 5 sniper rifle and the PDW MPX, a ballistic shield.

    A NEW BATTLE-PICKUP - the new battle pickup, the RAWR (Remote Assisted Weaponised Robot) battle robot: you collect this remote-controlled little fellow on the battlefield and then control it like the EOD bot via a camera. Unlike its repair colleague, however, the RAWR carries a machine gun and a grenade launcher. Due to its small size and despite its flashing light, the Robo-Killer does not stand out so quickly, so it has a devastating effect on the enemy.

    Final Stand DLC

    FOUR NEW MAPS - Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Hangar 21 and Karelia's Giant.


    A STATIONARY GUN - the Shipunov 42 gun, which replaces the stationary missile launchers in many positions.

    AN ADDITIONAL WEAPON - a bow that offers a choice of three types of ammunition: normal broadheads, extra-long range arrows and explosive rounds.

    Main features
    Five digital expansions with new multiplayer maps and game content

    Two-week pre-release access to all expansions
    Exclusive customisation options including camouflages, paint jobs, emblems, dog tags and more
    Priority position in the server queues

    New content every week
    12 bonus battle packs for Battlefield 4

    Platform: Origin / EA App
    Region: Global

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