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Perspective Tool

inPixio Photo Transfer

To coincide with the launch of Photo Studio, we're releasing a complementary new app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play. With the "inPixio Photo Transfer" app, you can easily copy photos from your smartphone to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi.

The app is a helpful tool that makes photo editing easier with inPixio software on PC and Mac. With just a few clicks, you can transfer an entire photo library to your laptop and load images directly into Photo Studio for editing. There is no need for cables, cloud service, or other software, and your images are safe even without external storage media. The app can be used to save photos on the computer to free up space on the mobile phone.

Learn more about the Photo Transfer app

inPixio Photo Transfer App

EXIF data and histogram

EXIF metadata is information associated with a photo that is automatically stored on the camera or smartphone. This data includes date, location, and other information. When you load a photo into Photo Studio, this information can be viewed and edited. Thus, it is possible to add tags, ratings, and even copyright notices to a photo. This is helpful in organizing the photos and finding the images you are looking for. This is also useful for uploading photos to online platforms such as Flickr.

Another source of information in Photo Studio 10 is the histogram. It displays the exposure levels in the photo, giving you a better idea of the light and dark areas in the image. If you consult the histogram when editing exposure settings, it will be easier to find the right brightness for your image.

EXIF data and Histogram

New Local Customizations

The Selective Retouch tab allows you to adjust specific areas of your photo with gradients or the brush.

Photo Studio 10 includes new sliders in the Selective Retouch tab that expand the range of editing. New local adjustment options include temperature, hue, white/black, haze, sharpness, and noise reduction.

Localized Adjustments Tool

Raw Data Images

Photo Studio 10 now supports images in raw data format. Raw data images are not pre-processed and compressed like standard image formats such as JPEG. That's why they take up significantly more storage space. For this reason, and also because the format varies depending on the camera manufacturer, these images sometimes cannot be opened in software programs. However, the developers of inPixio have made it possible to open and edit all raw data images in Photo Studio.

Some photographers prefer to work with raw images because it gives them more control over the final result. If you're interested, then try our Eclipse HDR Pro software. It offers advanced options for editing raw data images.

RAW Images

Interactive Filmstrip

We've already mentioned improved usability, but it's worth highlighting. A filmstrip is the bottom of Photo Studio's interface where all the images in a selected folder are displayed. In version 10, it is fully interactive. Therefore, you can easily filter your images in Photo Editor by date taken, camera, file type, and other criteria. In the filmstrip, edits can also be applied directly to the images. This allows you to automatically correct an image with a single click without opening the workstation. You can also remove edits in the same way.

Interactive Filmstrip Tool


Even with the simplest software, a bit of support is occasionally in order. Our video tutorials will introduce you to the most important tools and show you how to use Photo Studio. This will help you get to know the program quickly and get the best results.

Photo Studio 10 includes a new section for video tutorials: just click on the link to access the playlist of tutorials. A database of support resources is also available in the Help section of the menu.

Video Tutorials

What's New

Our users have asked for it and we are happy to fulfill the requests! Photo Studio 10 includes numerous new backgrounds and other visual content in the Photo Cutter and Photo Editor modules. The new stickers can be personalized with colors and other elements. Be sure to try out the new backgrounds in your photo montages. We particularly like the new "Hollywood" background. We can't wait to see what our users come up with!

Visual Content

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 8, Windows 10

Processor: Intel® or AMD

RAM: 4 GB (8 GB recommended)

Hard disk space: 700 MB

Internet connection

Option: Lifetime | 3 PCs
Platform: Official Website
Region: Global

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